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2013. 08. 01 (11:32)
subject : Mark Down the "MAT" price!
name :     파일첨부 : kProMat(4).jpg hit : 17731

This is not a promotion price.
We just down the price to offer you competitive price.
So please follow the link to check the items.

- Mat Made in KOREA
1. High Hardness Mat 18T(5Pcs) : 21% Down the Price

2. Pro Mat 24T(5PCS) : 21% Down the Price

3. Embo Mat 25T(5PCS) : 21% Down the Price

New Mat is Coming Soon, too! (Made in China)

We start taking the "MAT" order in August.
If you have question please you feel free to contact us.
We will do our best to help and answer you!

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Mark Down the "MAT" price!  
2013/08/01 17731

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